So you’ve finally got a weekend off but not quite sure what to do with the time? Here are a few family fun Easter activities.

Go For A Bush Walk or Bike Ride
Being in nature can reduce fears, stress and lower blood pressure. By being outdoors children can experience and explore their senses by smelling different flowers and touching rocks and plants. Simply going for a walk is a good way to get exercise while enjoying peaceful scenery.

Cook Food
Have your kids experiment with foods or help them make Easter Egg cookies. Cooking with kids builds motor skills and promotes involvement by asking questions and following instructions. As we move into colder weather cooking warmer meals such as soup and pies can be nourishing and comforting. Here is an easy recipe for Easter Egg Cookies.

Easter Craft
Craft allows kids to develop collaborative skills, while promoting creativity and self-expression. Get out the pencils, paints and coloured paper and allow your kids to create images of Easter. They could make or paint Easter Eggs, baby chicks or the Easter rabbit.

Have A Family Movie Night
Why not sit down and enjoy the night with your family by watching a family movie. Watching a movie together is a great way to bond and spend time with your children and partner. A few Easter movies include Hop(2011),Rise of the Guardians(2012) and The Dog Who Saved Easter(2014). This would also be a great time to eat the rewards from the Easter Egg Hunt or cooking adventure.


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