What’s In Offspring?

Offspring Magazine is Australia’s largest gloss & digital parenting magazine with more than 270,000 readers per edition.

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Offspring Sydney distributes 30,000 hard copies for free in Sydney and 30,000 hard copies for free in Melbourne while Offspring Perth has a circulation of 20,000 copies per edition. The magazines are also published online on our website.

Offspring Magazine, website and e-newsletter is a quality, family lifestyle resource created by real mums and dads for the modern parent. Offspring comprises a balance of practical, insightful parenting information together with entertaining articles about real life Australian mums and dads.

The birth of Offspring Magazine

Offspring Magazine was launched in 2009 by Perth mum of two, Kate Durack, in what Kate describes as a ‘lightbulb moment’ while she was trying to ‘rest, meditate, relax after yet another sleepless night’ with her 16 month old daughter and wondering whatever happened to her village.

Offspring Magazine Founder, Kate Durack

Kate believed a local, glossy magazine with entertaining real life stories and reliable, quality parenting information would be well received by Perth mums, and help connect local parents, while providing them with quality information in an attractive free magazine that they would want to read, rather than a throwaway newspaper style of publication.

Seven years on and Offspring is on the up with a growing online presence.

What’s in it for you?

Offspring is designed to inform, educate and entertain modern-day parents with quality editorial on a range of parenting and family matters. We provide you with a balance of practical, useful information with real-life stories about Australian parents and their experiences. And as a break from the staid, formulaic versions of parenting magazines that we’ve seen in the past, ours is a zesty, attractive and real glossy that you’ll want to read (let’s face it while we want to know about all the latest in feeding, sleeping and nappies, we also want to know about other families’ lifestyles and how they juggle the contemporary rollercoaster of family, work, play and rest!).

We aim to give parents inspiring and honest stories about how other parents are faring. Few parents want to retreat to the domestic quarter away from the exciting real world – they want fun, entertainment, information, stimulation and connection! Perhaps this explains why mums are such avid users of Facebook!

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On our animated family and children’s films we endeavour to use Offspring to reach the decision maker – the Mums!  Offspring helps us target Mum’s directly in a time when the market is so fragmented.
Natalie Cameron, Marketing Executive for TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM DISTRIBUTORS

We have been advertising with Offspring for many years and will continue to do so for many to come. The quality of the content is a great fit for our brand, and the value for money spent is consistently demonstrated with an increase in traffic and enquiries.
It is a pleasure to deal with the team at Offspring Magazine, from ‘sales’ to ‘production’.  I have always found the team remarkably patient and helpful especially navigating tight deadlines and in making sure we get the most out of our packages. Thank you
Ronel Fourie National Manager for Bettina Model Management.

As a Manufacturer of a baby product since 1978 I have advertised in many Baby and Parent Magazines, Offspring Magazine is the first Magazine that has delivered results.
Their staff are helpful and I believe that they care about the success of your advertising program. I would recommend them as a magazine that delivers results with a truly genuine readership claim.
Judith Asimus, www.babybathaid.com.au