Childbirth is a transformative milestone in any woman’s life. The experience is something that changes you entirely and allows you to embark on a new chapter. According to holistic sex and relationship coach, Kim Anami, there are different ways that it can manifest.

“Was your birth orgasmic or psychedelic?” Kim Anami recently asked her listeners on her podcast. “Was it pain free? Do you think this is even possible?”

Labor often gets a bad rap as a painful ordeal — something women have to go through to have a child. However, as Kim Anami explains, it doesn’t have to be that way. When we go back to the route of what childbirth should be, it changes the narrative.

“Not only is it possible, this is what childbirth is meant to be: a deeply pleasurable, transcendent self-actualizing and psychedelic experience,” she says. “It is an initiation that unifies you with the cosmos and solidifies your role as a channel for the divine. You are the vessel for life force to come through. You are a portal to other dimensions.”

As part of the episode, Kim Anami spoke to Amanda, a “well-f*cked all star,” who has experienced psychedelic childbirth. By surrendering to her own intuition during labor, she was able to become the truest and most confident mother. In the following article, we will recap the experiences she shared and the mysteries of this deeply-connected experience.

The Orgasmic Psychedelic Birth Experience

The orgasmic psychedelic birth may sound like a myth. However, as Amanda recalled on Kim Anami’s podcast, she has experienced it first hand. With her first two pregnancies, she says that childbirth was “painless, orgasmic, super-pleasurable.” So, when she fell pregnant for the third time, she knew what to expect. The morning that she was about to go into labor, her intuition told her that the time had come and she prepared in the bath.

“I grabbed onto the bathtub, was completely taken over and I’m not sure one or two pushes maybe. She literally flew out,” says Amanda. “There wasn’t much pushing. Well for me my body was completely doing it. Total fetal ejection reflex. I was already experiencing orgasmic pleasure waves throughout that hour.”

Upon holding her third child, Amanda was thoroughly overtaken by a newfound feeling of pleasure and joy. Rather than being exhausted from the experience, she was in a higher state. This all came after having psychedelic visions and trusting her own intuition.

“I took her to my chest and she was very tightly wound with her cord and I had to undo it,” says Amanda. “But the interesting thing is that she was my most vital baby. She was instantly totally pink, crying very loud and it was just complete and utter euphoria. It’s completely natural for you to have just a beautiful, blissful, pleasurable birth.”

The Journey Towards Holistic Pregnancy

Experiencing an orgasmic and psychedelic childbirth doesn’t happen by accident. Amanda worked closely with Kim Anami to take mastery over her sexual self and become in tune with the natural needs of her body. Through this process, she was able to embody what it means to be “well-f*cked” and get in touch with the highest version of herself too.

As Kim Anami puts it, there is a direct link between learning to have truly vaginal orgasms, creating a voracious libido, and having radical ecstatic labor experiences. When you put the time into this process of transformation, you can become a completely new woman.

“Yes, every woman can,” says Kim Anami. “She just needs to clear the blockages and programming she’s taken on via a corrupt medical system and a culture at large that seeks to remove a woman from this power. I help you to restore it.”

The eight-week online salon Sexy Mama Salon is open for registration now. Over the course, Kim Anami shares how to have an entirely holistic pregnancy and ecstatic childbirth with expectant mothers. The salon is also open to those who are not yet pregnant but would like to learn how to connect more deeply with their sexuality.

“[In the salon], we systematically go through every stage from conception through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to reprogram you with all of the strength and power and ecstasy to make these peak life-affirming experiences and to create an imprint of bliss for life, both for you and for your baby, and for your partnership,” says Kim Anami.


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