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Dr Ginni Mansberg on Pornography, Sexting and Parenting the Modern Adolescent

Dr Ginni Mansberg, celebrity doctor and co-author of The New Teen Age, sits down with Offspring Magazine editor, Kate Durack, to discuss the various changes that occur in your child during adolescence. Ginni explores the influence of hormonal changes on our child’s behaviour, relationships and friendships. She also discusses the importance of sleep in our teenager’s lives and sex education in a digital context.

Website: https://www.drginni.com.au/
Twitter: @Dr_Ginni (https://twitter.com/Dr_Ginni)
Instagram: @doctorginni (https://www.instagram.com/doctorginni/)

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‘Parental As Anything’ author Maggie Dent on 21st Century Parenting

Maggie Dent, Australian parenting author and host of ABC’s Parental As Anything, sits down with Kate Durack, editor of Offspring Magazine and Wellspring, to discuss positive parenting habits in today’s society. Maggie talks about healthy boundary setting, understanding your child’s emotional capacity and the complexities of raising responsible digital citizens.

Website: maggiedent.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaggieDentAuthor
YouTube: MaggieDentAuthor

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