With winter well and truly here warm, nourishing dishes are surely what the family is craving right now.

Australian Pork has created an exciting new series of recipes that are sure-fire hits, and even better, they are quick and easy to create.

Pork is such a versatile meat that can be used in so many ways beyond chops and roasts that might usually come to mind. Pork is full of flavour and provides that value we are all looking for right now with ever-climbing food bills.

Buying Aussie pork, whether you pick it up at your local supermarket or your butcher, means you are supporting our local farmers, with all fresh pork products made in Australia.

Mid-week dinner inspiration is a slam dunk the kids with the base Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork recipe. Using everyday pantry ingredients and boneless Aussie pork shoulder, in just 6 hours (while you’re at the office, or looking after your little ones) a beautiful and tasty pulled pork is ready to go.

From this base slow-cooker recipe the possibilities are endless!

Pick up some slider buns or bread rolls, your favourite coleslaw and gather the family around in the production line, to enjoy the end result; mouth-watering pulled pork sliders.

If the flavours of Mexico are a hit in your household, pork is the perfect complement protein to dishes such as tacos and quesadillas. Fillings for both can be changed up so that you can source seasonal vegetables getting the best value in your shop. Take your tacos and nachos to that next level to keep the family on their toes with this Double Decker Pork Tacos and Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos recipes.

And for a new twist on a classic favourite, why not try substituting mince with pulled pork for your next Shepard’s pie. Comforting on those colder nights and also on your wallet too.

If you’re entertaining or need a quick snack to keep the family going look no further than pulled pork pastry puffs and the classic jaffle, with pulled pork, cheese and corn.




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