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Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but there are lots of useful apps to make various stages of parenting a bit easier.

We look at some great options – whether you are a new parent or raising teenagers.

Our top app pick for pregnancy
: Sprout Pregnancy

Having a baby is such an exciting time, and with great pregnancy apps, you can access daily information about you and your baby, and access handy tools, including a contraction counter for when you go into labour.

For details go to www.sprout-apps.com/sprout-pregnancy-iphone-app

Our top app pick for new parents
: Feed Baby

Are you a sleep-deprived new parent?

This app allows you to keep track of your baby’s feeds, nappy changes and routines. It clearly fills a gap – it has been downloaded over one million times.

For details, go to www.feedbaby.com.au

Our top app pick for toddlers: Macleans Nurdle Time

Do you struggle to get your young child to brush their teeth?

This free app features a catchy song and reward points (so they can ‘buy’ clothes and accessories to personalise their ‘Nurdle’) to encourage your child to brush for the whole recommended two minutes.

It features a countdown timer, so your child can see how much longer they have to brush.

Parents will love that it even features some simple tips about brushing properly before the start of the song.

For more details, go to www.macleans.com.au/kids-products/macleans-app.html

Our top pick for educational apps
: ABC Reading Eggs

This is a fantastic app that helps your child learn to read.

It’s self-paced, fun and suitable for children from 2-years-old.

If your child wants something fun but you want to ensure it is educational, this might be a good compromise.

For details go to www.readingeggs.com.au/apps

Our top pick for parenting apps
: Calm Kids, Connected Parents

Parenting expert Maggie Dent has released an app, Calm Kids, Connected Parents, so you can easily access Maggie’s pearls of wisdom.

The app gives you access to Maggie’s weekly tips, audio, videos and articles to connect stronger with your children.

For details go to www.maggiedent.com/calmkids

Our top pick for screen time apps
: OurPact

Managing your child’s screen time on their devices can be a challenge – but OurPact allows parental control so you can block apps you do not want your child to have access and manage the amount of screen time you want your child to have (without having to hide the charger or confiscate the device).

For more details go to www.ourpact.com

Our top app pick for parents of teens: Life360

If you are parenting teenagers and find yourself sending multiple texts to make sure they arrived at school, their friend’s house or their sports training safely, then this app could give peace of mind.

Simply save your usual locations and your family or friends in your customised ‘circles’ will be alerted when you arrive at or leave the location.

The free app also has a chat function.

For more information check out www.life360.com

Our top pick for First Aid apps: St John First Responder

You might have heard of the First Responder app (which allows people with First Aid qualifications to sign up to be notified when someone has called for an ambulance within 500 metres, so they can respond.

But did you know you don’t have to be a ‘First Responder’ to get use from this great app?

The app features First Aid instruction, First Aid tips and features a handy Triple zero calling feature that sends your GPS location so an ambulance can easily locate you.

It is a great app for parents who want to be prepared.

For details go to www.stjohnwa.com.au