Whether you are single, loved up, or looking for ways to celebrate with friends or family, these suggestions will have even the most cynical feeling the love this Valentine’s Day

Perpetually the most hated holiday of the season, V. Day can stir up apprehensive emotions and tension around celebrations for singles and couples alike. This year, instead of refusing to celebrate and succumbing to dread, how about relish in the day of love, by celebrating with one of these unique ways?

Whether spending this Valentine’s with a loved one, alone, or with family and friends make it one to remember.

1. Breakfast in bed 

Start the day off with a little extra endearment and wake up in the most romantic and relaxing way possible. A breakfast in bed can be shared with your significant other or you can choose to make it a family and kid-friendly experience. Have the kids help prepare and organise in the kitchen, this will have your entire family, or partnership, feeling the love from the get-go, whilst relaxing in the comfort of their pjs under covers.

2. Celebrating with kids 

When you have children, Valentine’s Day is a little more crowded. If you can’t spend this Feb 14th alone, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day just the same. This is the perfect day to spark the inner child in you and have fun with the ones you love. Head to an arcade, park or check out our summer activity guide for exciting ways to spark the fun and love back into your life. A family activity day is inclusive and ensures that you and your partner can still be together with the involvement of your children. 

3. Play tourist 

Feel the love by exploring the city with fresh eyes. This can be done in couples or with friends and children. Explore the streets and stores of the city, local landmarks, parks and tourist destinations . This will highlight a sense of gratitude for not only the ones you love, but for the city you live too. 

4. Galentines

For those single, it is the perfect day to share the love with your nearest and dearest girl gang. “Galentines” celebrates platonic friendships, showing appreciation for a love that is equally important to romantic love. Celebrate with a brunch, paint and sip, floral arrangement class or champagne slumber party. Add a touch of V. Day flare, with gifts and girly gossip, play a game of Never Have I Ever, or elaborate on past dating disasters. You and your posse can spend a night of fun as romantic couples may appear to be frolicking at every turn. 

5. Exchange love letters

Many fail, or struggle to express the care they have for those in their lives. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to unleash all the soppy feels. Communicate to anyone you are grateful to have in your life, just how and why you love them. The more specific and personal the better, as they just might read over it when they need a little extra love. This communication in letter format, will not only spark love into the ones reading, but those who are expressing too. 

6. Games Night

For those looking to celebrate with a little added competition, enjoy the day of love with Games Night. The perfect night-in for the young and “young at heart”. Games night can be celebrated with your loved one, or in groups of friends and family. A little fun can go a long way when celebrating with the ones we love, and it is the perfect opportunity to see a different, more competitive edge in our relationships.

7. Picnic 

Whatever time of the day you can spare (extra points for sunset), a picnic is always a special way to celebrate in a romantic and comfortable setting. Spending quality times with the ones you love, whilst overlooking a beach sunset or river is a relaxing and comfortable way to kick back, enjoy quality time as well as points for affordability. Get out the picnic blanket, chocolate coated strawberries and enjoy!

8. Share a night under the stars

There’s something magical and enchanting about the night sky and planning a date under the stars can add to pre-existing romance this Valentine’s Day. There are numerous ways to spend a relaxing night under the stars with the person or people you love. Look out into the bigger picture by laying under the night sky with blankets and pillows, go camping, to a drive-in or the observatory. A night stargazing, also reminds observers how small life’s problems are, sure to send sparks flying and open hearts and minds.

9. Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is an affordable and easy way to cosy up with your S.O. or family and friends. Snuggle into the ones you love with blankets, popcorn and some candles. For romantic partners, a movie night is also the perfect way to set the mood for Valentine’s night romance. For singles or a family situation, it’s a great way to spend quality time and relax with the ones you love.

10. Let the music play 

There’s nothing that brings people together quite like music. This Feb 14th, you can celebrate with song and dance. Head to a gig or summer concert, watch a live show or turn up the tunes at home. Whether enjoying from the mosh pit or from the comfort of your own home and record player, grab a drink and your favourite dancing partner and enjoy. 

11. Book a night at a hotel or Air BnB

Booking a home away from home or staycation is the perfect way to spice up your usual routine this February 14. Relaxing with a night away will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Book a night at a local hotel or Air BnB, enjoying the comfort of fresh sheets and towels whilst celebrating in style.

12.  Bake something sweet

Valentine’s Day can bring out the sweet spot in even the most hard-to-crack cases. Bake something sweet with or for your loved ones. Cakes, cookies and brownies will warm the hearts of your nearest and dearest. Putting in a homemade quality touch communicates you care, and gifts the greatest of all, an act of service and time. Spread a little love by sharing and gifting them to your mum, friends, partner or neighbours. For those who aren’t particularly good in the kitchen, you can also alter the baking to a chocolate fondue night or platter option instead.

13. Craft and create 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to create in the name of love. Crafting will let you express your love and give the gift of a personal touch.  Make Valentines cards, decorations or DIY gifts is the perfect activity to show you care, mail or gift them to anyone special you wish to show appreciation to in your life. 

14. Eliminate a spot off your bucket list 

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate love on a grand scale. Our usual calendars and schedules can become so built up, that we fail to do the things we have been aspiring to tick off. Use this holiday as a day to check out a new bar that has opened, visit a holiday destination or a restaurant in town that you’ve been wanting to go to for months. You may also want to get hearts racing with adrenaline, experiencing something out of the ordinary with your partner, such as skydiving, shark cage-diving or swimming with the whale sharks. Crossing off your bucket list with someone you love will give you a sense of fulfilment as well as a memory to reflect back upon with the person or people you love.

With the movement of the planet, Mercury, out of retrograde, February poses the perfect chance to realign your goals and set plans into motion.

While moving into February, the Liminal stage – the period of seasonal transition– offers a time for major growth and change for a lot of astrological signs. It’s a time for progression, new starts and breaking away from old habits. How you respond will set the tone for the rest of the year.

Have a look at the career, health and relationship predictions for your sign below.

Aries is advised to prioritise work this February


February offers the potential to ease financial struggles for Aries. This is a time where you can set yourself onto the right path for your career goals. But be careful. You may have been struggling financially in recent times and it’s essential to put some focus into steering those issues in the right direction – and it is possible with some effort.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect other areas of your life. This month may involve health issues for this sign, possibly due to stress. Take extra care to manage symptoms before they progress. When it comes to relationships, this is the time to renew old bonds and possibly welcome a new romantic relationship – but only if you’re open to it.


For Taureans, February may be a shaky period when it comes to health. It will be important to be vigilant around existing issues and treat any symptoms with caution.

This is a time for coming to mutual agreements in your relationships. It’s important to find a way to negotiate and compromise with others so you can both progress in the relationship. You’ll find the opportunity arises to let go of stubborn tendencies which may stand in the way of growth.

Time for Geminis to get cracking on their goals


Things are looking up for Geminis in February, but it’s important not to get bogged down about worries or stresses that are out of your control. Make the most of this time as it is set to be in your favour. Health issues won’t be a major issue, nor will relationship problems cause disruptions.

Take this chance to reflect on yourself and keep progressing towards your goals. Be mindful that your actions are aligned with your morals and values.


February is a significant time for change, especially so for Cancer. It’s a month to get your career on track and reflect on where you’d like to be. Start making steps towards those goals. Even if you’ve made mistakes in the past, this is the time to turn them around.

You can also take this chance to improve on relationships and your health. It’s a time for new beginnings and letting go of negative tendencies that have held you back.

Leo is in for some romantic fun in February


This month will see your hard work paying off. When it comes to career, you may finally get that pay rise or promotion you’ve been working towards. It’s important to keep putting in effort throughout the month in order to reap the rewards.

When it comes to relationships, you may experience conflict with a partner or friend. But there is also a chance for resolution if you reflect upon the situation and work with your partner, then February could be the perfect time to solidify relationships and resolve tensions.


February is a month of opportunities for Virgos. This will include the career, health and relationship stages, as such, it’s important to remain open to these new possibilities.

It’s a time with minimal health issues and all around a very prosperous and hurdle-free time for Virgos, so enjoy this month – and make the most of it.


Librans should look out for the latter part of February. This is when some massive changes will take place – for the better. When it comes to emotional health, it’s essential not to neglect your needs. This month is a chance to put those self-neglecting behaviours behind you and make progress in prioritising your health. You may have neglected it in recent times, so let this month be a time to put your health back into the spotlight

Scorpios can expect some heart-warming family time


February is a good time for family relationships for Scorpios. You may find family members are particularly proud of your efforts and take notice of your achievements.

When it comes to career, this month will be a good time to further your skills and education to set up a solid path for the future. If you have any learning interests or education goals, now is the time to make it happen.


The members of this star sign will have an exceptionally lucky month when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s a good time to take a chance and enjoy the prosperous results.

Health may be on the rocks for Sagittarians this month, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any issues. Luckily, the health problems aren’t likely to be long term and will most likely sort themselves out.

Love is in the air for Capricorn


February is a month of powerful progress for Capricorn. The end of the month offers a climactic period of change when it comes to relationships and career. Enjoy an opportunity to finally get results for your efforts.

It’s important to have open communication with the people in your life so that this area of your life will have positive transformations. Your relationships will be more genuine, authentic and honest. It’s a good time to let go of people who are controlling or manipulative.


Aquarians will find February to be a transformative month. It’s an important time to break old habits and to take a moment of reflection. When it comes to career and health opportunities, this month will be the best chance to open a new door and release any self-destructive behaviours you’ve been holding onto.

In the early days of the month, you may struggle with uncomfortable feelings and old problems. But if you self-reflect, it’s the perfect time to realise what needs to change in your life so you can get unstuck. The latter part of the month is where you’ll start to see the real change happening.

When it comes to relationships, you’ll meet new people and it will give you a chance to begin building new bonds. You may lose some of your relationships, but with this you’ll also be opened up to these new people. It’s okay to let go of unfulfilling relationships this month.

This February, Pisces could benefit from some introspection and self care


This month may pose some difficulties for Pisces, especially when it comes to relationships. Family relations may particularly be rocky, but with some careful introspection and communication, it can be addressed. It’s important to make room forgiveness and to let go of grudges for the sake of your mental and emotional health.

It’s not the best time to be making any educational changes and time would be better focused on lifting your spirits. Take up some activities that you enjoy and that bring you peace and happiness.